It's Yuvraj vs Malik on the dance floor

THERE IS competition in all walks of life even if it is a video of you dancing posted on a social networking site. That is what happened when Sania Mirza and her cricketer husband Shoaib Malik posted a video on Twitter of them dancing after Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka. They were seen dancing to the tunes of the Bollywood song, "Abhi to party shuru hui hai".

There were many replies and re-tweets and favourites to the post, but one of the replies came from Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh who tweeted:

"Such outstanding players ! But terrible dancers."

Malik was quick to respond:  

(Come on to the field) to which Yuvraj responded with his own 'moon-walking' video:

 (I was always on the field).

Malik was at his diplomatic best:

Yuvraj though it best to bring to an end this rivalry:

Hopefuly he will take his own advice and concentrate on improving his game, especially since he is coming off a disastrous season for the Daredevils in IPL 2015! 

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