Yuvraj endorses brother Zorawar's short film 'The Kid'

EVERYONE KNOWS Yuvraj Singh, his struggle with cancer, his explosive performance with the bat on the field. Now his younger brother Zorawar Singh has been featured in a short film titled 'The Kid'. 

The message of this short film is focused on parents who put too much pressure on their children so that they can get admitted to reputed colleges.

They do it for a better future for their children, but doing so forget the fact about what the their child goes through. Parents fail to understand and respect their child's decision of what they want to be in life.

The film revolves around how a father treats his son and pressurises him to do well or else be punished. Zorawar plays the good guy here and makes the father understand the key message in his own way. In the end, Yuvraj himself tells what the moral of the film is and what message it wants to convey.

Yuvraj tweeted about this along with the link to the video, see the tweet below:

 See the short movie below:

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