Dilwale East Bengal let SRK host event at their ground for free

ACTOR SHAHRUKH KHAN will be in Kolkata on 21st and 22nd December to promote his new film Dilwale, and as part of that he will hold a promotional event in the East Bengal ground.

The club, in a gesture of goodwill, has decdided not to charge any fees for SRK's use of the ground. He will also receive an honorary membership at the Calcutta Football League champion club during the event.

While it is common practice among football clubs based in Kolkata's Maidan area to rent out their grounds for events to earn extra revenue (East Bengal now also rent out their team bus for weddings; for Rs 22,000 a day) but it is rare to see them do so pro bono. But the Red and Gold officials have rightly identified a publicity opportunity from hosting an SRK event and they have done well to grab it in the lead up to the I-League 2015-16. 

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