Indian bridge players in Pakistan to return home due to protests over Imran Khan's arrest

INDIAN BRIDGE PLAYERS caught up in the middle of political unrest in Pakistan are reportedly coming back.

The 22nd Asia & Middle East Bridge Championship, organised by the Bridge Federation of Asia & Middle East (BFAME), is taking place at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore, Pakistan. The 8-day event began on 5th May and is scheduled to conclude on the 13th. Indian players are taking part in all 4 categories of competitions at the event.

But in the middle of this competition, political unrest broke out all over Pakistan when former cricketer turned politician Imran Khan, who is also a former Prime Minister of Pakistan, was arrested on corruption charges. Protests have broken out in multiple cities of Pakistan, with people burning buildings and damaging property. There have been some deaths in the street due to security forces firing bullets and shells, and the Pakistan Army has been called in to maintain law & order in a number of states.

Imran Khan was arrested on Tuesday

Due to a lot of violence taking place in Lahore over the last 24 hours, the Indian High Commission has reportedly told the Indian bridge players taking part in the championship to leave for India, according to peoeple close to the tournament.

Lahore is 24 kilometers away from the Wagah border. It remains to be seen how soon the Indian players will be able to cross back into their homeland, given traffic being stuck in several locations all over Lahore due to the protests.

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