ELECTRIC MOVE: Anand Mahindra gifts Pragg's parents an XUV400 Electric Vehicle

ANAND MAHINDRA HAS a thoughtful approach when it comes to gifts.

While a lot of India's successful athletes have received the Mahindra Thar as a gift, symbolising their power and passion, when it came to the parents of the young chess maestro Praggnanandhaa, the tycoon had a different thought.

When an X user tweeted asking whether the parents of Pragg should receive a Thar as a gift, he replied saying that as a symbol of the years of sacrifice Nagalakhsmi and Rameshbabu have made towards their son's career, they should receive an electriv vehicle instead; which also represents humanity's investment towards its future.

While everyone understands that this is a marketing strategy as well, no one can deny that it makes sense to everyone who thinks about the logic behind it in the context of the environment and the need to reduce the usage of fossil fuels. As such, it's a pretty effective way of marketing a car.

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