Indonesian MMA promotion 'One Pride' to include Indian fighters

INDONESIA BASED MMA PROMOTION 'One Pride' is taking some significant steps to include Indian fighters in their roster going forward.

The promotion is based out of Jakarta and airs regularly on the ANTV network. Active since 2016, the organisation boasts of some deep weight classes and a slew of champions; making it the best MMA promotion from the country.

To incorporate Indian fighters, they are partnering up with Somesh Kamra, who works closely with the UFC and has his own domestic combat sports promotion, the Superhumam Battleground.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr Kamra said,

"My role will be to plug-in Indian fighters into One Pride. I'm happy and proud to associate myself with One Pride. It will help build fighter experience and records before I can take them to the UFC."

For Indian MMA fighters looking to make it on the world stage, opportunities to gain international experience have been hard to come by. A recent breakthrough case is Anshul Jubli, who is represented by Somesh Kamra, who won the 'Road to UFC' tournament to earn a contract with the world's leading MMA promotion. But since not everyone can make it to UFC's developmental tournaments, in order for more Indian fighters to attract the global platforms, finding success in overseas promotions - especially the likes of One Pride based in other Asian countries - is a necessary step.

The first Indian fighter who will appear in One Pride under this partnership will be Govind Ale (6-2), who rose to prominence during the haydays of the Super Fight League. On 10th June, he will take on Rama Supandhi (8-4), who is a promotional veteran at One Pride MMA, making his professional debut under their banner all the way back in 2016 at their very first event.

Supandhi, a popular name among Indonesian MMA fans, is the most high profile opponent Govind has ever faced; making sure that with a victory, he can get the attention of MMA promoters around the world.

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