Subrata blames cough medicine for failed drug test, will go for B sample test

THE REASON BEHIND Subrata Pal's failed dope test is apparently a cough medicine that he was taking due to having breathing difficulties.

Subrata told reporters that he informed the Indian national team doctor Srijit Kamal that he was taking Tarbutaline, a cough medicine to address his health issues. The particular drug was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency back in 2010.

By the account of the Indian international, he was not warned by anyone including the doctors that the medicine in question could contain any banned substance. Subsequently, he tested positive at a test taken during India's international friendly against Cambodia.

Subrata will be appealing the results of the A sample in the hope that the B sample comes out negative. But if his account of how he got caught in the first place is correct, then the blame goes to the doctor who prescribed the medicine to him as well as the national team doctor who failed to look up the WADA database of banned drugs on time and warn the DSK Shivajians goalkeeper of the dangers of taking the drug.

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