Brave – The Beginning results and review: Mohammed Farhad makes history

THE FIRST EVENT of Brave Combat Federation is in the books and it will be remembered for many things. As far as the Indian MMA fans were concerned, it was all about Suny Khatri, Abdul Muneer and Mohammed Farhad.

Farhad made history at Brave - The Beginning

Mohammad Atif scores a dominant decision victory over Sunny Khatri

Mohammad Atif ‘The Little Hawk’ and his opponent Sunny Khatri faced off against one another in the curtain raiser fight of Brave- the Beginning.

Atif, the KHK product who fights out of Bahrain was clearly the crowd favorite and went into the bout looking to put on a striking show.  After a tentative feeling out process during the first two minutes, Atif began pushing the pace landing low kicks and powerful strikes to Sunny’s body and head. Sunny attempted to slow down his opponent’s aggression in the 2nd round with a big overhand right which was swiftly countered by the ‘Little Hawk’ who took complete control of the fight at this point, scoring with a variety of strikes during the third round including a flying knee.

Abdul Muneer suffers defeat despite a good start

Abdul Muneer faced off against former UFC star Masio Fullen in the main card and the initial part of the fight was encouraging for the Indian. Muneer was pushing hard and putting his boxing skills to use. Fullen seemed to be on the back foot at certain times and relied on clinch position to keep the fight under control.

A good portion of the first round had both fighters clinching but as we moved towards the end of first round, Muneer found himself on the ground after taking a knee from Fullen. Fullen took advantage of the situation and started pounding on Muneer. With just a few seconds to go in the first round, the referee called for stoppage and awarded Fullen the win.

Mohammed Farhad makes history

Mohammed Farhad faced off against Badr- Eddine during the prelims and became the first Indian fighter to secure a win at Brave Combat Federation. Farhad had the upper hand in the first round thanks to his counter game even though Eddine was landing low-kicks. Despite his kick boxing background, Eddine was inviting Farhad to the ground, which the Indian resisted throughout. A similar counter game from Farhad was there to witness in the second round as well but this time around, one of the counter overhands landed hard on Eddine and dropped him. Farhad did not let the opportunity slip by and finished the fight on the ground. With the win, he improves his record to 10-2.

Here are the complete results from Brave – The Beginning


Main card:

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