Kerala Premier League to begin on 6th March, read the full fixtures

FIXTURES FOR THE 2020-21 edition of the Kerala Premier League group stages were announced today.

The state league is kicking off on 6th March, with group matches to take place every weekened up to 24th April, to be followed by the playoffs.

12 participating clubs have been divided into two groups of six each where they will face each other on a single leg round robin basis. The games will take pace in Thrissur and Ernakulam.

Kerala Blasters, who field a reserve side in the KPL, became champions last season beating Gokulam Kerala FC in a thrilling finale by penalties. Both of them remain the top teams to watch out for this season.

Well-known clubs like Kerala Police, FC Kerala, Luca SC and Kovalam FC are also going to be star attractions in the competition.

The fixtures are as follows:

Group A - Basco, Gokulam Kerala FC, Kerala Police, Luca SC, FC Kerala, SAT Tirur

Fixtures (Every match kicks off at 7 pm)

6th March - Luca SC vs FC Kerala
7th March - Gokulam Kerala FC vs SAT Tirur
13th March - Basco vs Kerala Police
14th March - Luca SC vs SAT Tirur
20th March - Gokulam Kerala FC vs FC Kerala
21st March - Kerala Police vs SAT Tirur
27th March - Gokulam Kerala FC vs Basco
28th March - Kerala Police vs Luca SC
3rd April - FC Kerala vs SAT Tirur
4th April - Gokulam Kerala FC vs Kerala Police
10th April - Luca SC vs Gokulam Kerala FC
11th April - SAT Tirur vs Basco
17th April - FC Kerala vs Kerala Police
18th April - Luca SC vs Basco
24th April - Basco vs FC Kerala

Group B - Mar Athanasius Football Academy, Golden Threads FC, Kerala Blasters FC, KSEB FC, Kerala United FC, Kovalam FC

Fixtures (Every match kicks off at 4 pm)

6th March - Kerala United vs Kovalam FC
7th March - KSEB vs Mar Athanasius Football Academy
13th March - Kerala United vs Kerala Blasters
14th March - Mar Athanasius Football Academy vs Golden Threads
20th March - Kovalam FC vs Golden Threads
21st March - Kerala United vs KSEB FC
27th March - Mar Athanasius Football Academy vs Kerala Blasters
28th March - Kovalam FC vs KSEB FC
3rd April - Kerala United vs Mar Athanasius Football Academy
4th April - Kerala Blasters vs Golden Threads
10th April - Kovalam FC vs Mar Athanasius Football Academy
11th April - KSEB FC vs Golden Threads
17th April - Kerala Blasters vs Kovalam FC
18th April - Golden Threads vs Kerala United
24th April - Kerala Blasters vs KSEB FC

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