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#TFGinterview: Indian MMA star Swapnil Barve talks about his Upcoming fight with former UFC star Yao Zhikui

In an exclusive with TFG MMA, Indian MMA star Swapnil Barve talks about his upcoming fight

July 06, 2017

#TFGinterview: Fighting towards her goal – In Conversation with Indian MMA fighter Priya Sharma

Check out our exclusive interview with Indian MMA prospect Priya Sharma

July 02, 2017

#TFGinterview: Ranbir Singh Khokhar talks about depth in Haryana Steelers’ squad & its goal in the upcoming season

Haryana Steelers coach Ranbir Singh Khokhar talks about the depth in his squad, how JSW ownership is benefitting the team and the franchise’s aim in the upcoming season of Pro Kabaddi League. 

June 20, 2017

#TFGinterview: From Cage to Reel – In conversation with Aarushi Vedikha

Aarushi Vedikha talks her role in the Malayalam film Godha, how Bharat Kandare and Irfan Khan helped her and more.

June 05, 2017

#TFGinterview: Alberto El Patron talks who he wants to see in Impact, working with Lashley and more

In an exclusive with TFG, Alberto El Patron talks about his run in Impact Wrestling, Conor McGregor - Floyd Mayweather fight and much more

June 04, 2017

#TFGInterview: Bobby Lashley talks MMA fighters coming To Impact, Anthem talking over and more

Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley talks to TFG in an exclusive.

June 04, 2017

#TFGinterview: From US Air Force to the MMA cage – In conversation with Scott Manhardt

Scott Manhardt talks his journey from US Air Force to the MMA cage

June 03, 2017

#TFGinterview: Sonjay Dutt talks his return To Impact, GFW merger, Jeff Jarrett and more

Sonjay Dutt talks about his return to Impact, representing India and much more.

June 02, 2017

#TFGinterview: Mahabali Shera is ready to bring the Impact World Championship to India

Mahabali Shera talks about Impact coming to India, winning the Impact World Championship and more.

May 30, 2017

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