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#TFGinterview: The story of Indian BJJ prospect Anjan Raman and how you can help him

Indian MMA and BJJ prospect Anjan Raman dreams to make it big in the International BJJ scene

August 05, 2017

#TFGinterview: Vijender Singh talks his fight with Zulpikar Maimaitiali, his journey so far, Amir Khan and more

Exclusive interview with Indian Boxer Vijender Singh ahead of Battleground Asia

August 04, 2017

#TFGinterview: Indian MMA fighter Yogesh Jadhav Recalls his struggles, reveals mission UFC 300 and more

The story of Indian MMA fighter and former MTV Roadies Contestant Yogesh Jadhav

July 29, 2017

#TFGinterview: Former coach of Kean Lewis & Pratik Shinde, Brendan Keyes, on life in lower leagues & crossing paths with India

TFG SPEAKS TO Brendan Keyes, coach and owner of Galveston Hurricanes, president of Texas Premier Soccer League & former gaffer to Kean Lewis and Pratik Shinde, on life in US soccer and run-ins with Indian football.

July 29, 2017

BJJ Scams in India and How to avoid them: Part 3 – Rama Reddy

In the last part of the series, we talk to Rama Reddy

July 28, 2017

Indian MMA: Bharat Kandare is hopeful that Jon Jones will thrive in UFC 214

Indian MMA fighter Bharat talks about his time with Jon Jones

July 28, 2017

BJJ Scams in India and how to Avoid Them: Part 2 – Jitendra Khare

Second part of the series where we take a look at the BJJ scams in India and how to avoid them

July 23, 2017

#TFGinterview: Timo Feucht vows to take the gold to Leipzig

Timo Feucht wants to take the gold home

July 23, 2017

BJJ Scams in India and how to Avoid Them: Part 1 – Siddharth Singh

As part of spreading awareness regarding these on-going BJJ scams, we decided to start a three-part series with each part covering an expert opinion on the topic.

July 22, 2017

#TFGinterview: Chaitanya Gavali talks the evolution Of Indian MMA, his fight at Brave 5 and much more

Chaitanya Gavali recalled his journey so far in an exclusive with TFG MMA.

July 22, 2017

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