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#TFGinterview with Ranjit Bajaj (Part 2) - changing gears, long term vision and need for an open league

RANJIT BAJAJ, owner of Minerva Punjab FC, speaks exclusively to TFG. This is the second part of the interview.

January 05, 2017

#TFGinterview: Churchill Brothers SC Coach Albert Fernandes says the club will aim to finish at a respectable position

TFG speaks to Churchill Coach Albert Fernandes who is filled with vigour and a renewed confidence to fly the Goan flag in the I-League

January 05, 2017

#TFGinterview: Churchill Brothers SC captain Keenan Almeida wants to do justice to Goan fans' expectations

Time may not be at hand but Keenan Almeida has his sight on regaining the lost glory for Churchill Brothers SC

January 03, 2017

#TFGinterview with Ranjit Bajaj (Part 1) - the Leicester dream and the slow rise of Minerva Punjab

MINERVA PUNJAB FC owner Ranjit Bajaj speaks to TFG about the club's journey so far in Indian football.

January 02, 2017

#TFGinterview: Aim to enter top 20 by December 2017; happy to be in the same team as Axelsen, says Ruthvika

RUTHVIKA GADDE opens up about her aim for 2017 and shares her thoughts about her PBL team Bengaluru Blasters.

December 31, 2016

#TFGinterview: Coaching a new role for me; will help Chennai win the tile, says Arun Vishnu

ARUN VISHNU will be seen in a new role in the second season of Premier Badminton League. He will be coaching the Chennai Smashers team. This is the first time that Arun will be seen coaching at this level.

December 29, 2016

#TFGinterview: Nelson Paes and the growth Of Mixed Martial Arts in Goa

The story of Nelson Paes and how he is changing the Martial Arts scene of Goa

December 24, 2016

#TFGinterview - Bhaichung Bhutia backs open league system, says every lower tier club should have a shot at the top division

FORMER INDIAN CAPTAIN and legendary striker Bhaichung Bhutia believes that it's essential for lower division clubs to have a chance to play at the top tier in order to sustain a healty league pyramid in India.

December 21, 2016

#TFGinterview - Albert Roca and Bengaluru's paradoxical pursuit of perpetual progression

BENGALURU FC HEAD COACH Albert Roca, in an exclusive interview with TFG, shares his views on the upcoming season, his mission at Bengaluru FC, the Indian domestic structure and the need for more focus on youth development.

December 15, 2016

#TFGinterview - Chennai City FC aim to do justice to Tamil Nadu football, says owner Rohit Ramesh

CHENNAI CITY FC owner Rohit Ramesh speaks exclusively to TFG, lays out the club's long term vision and plans for the upcoming I-League 2016-17 season.

December 12, 2016

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