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#TFGcontest: Here is your chance to win Some cool, official Super Fight League Merchandise

THE 2017 SEASON OF SUPER FIGHT LEAGUE, the world's BIGGEST MMA league  might be over, but the adrenaline rush that the league provided fight fans with, across the globe is still alive and rushing.

Time to unleash the SFL fan inside you

And this is why The Fan Garage, in association with Super Fight League, is running a contest which offers the fans a chance to win some exclusive SFL merchandise, which will complement the ultimate fan in you!

All you have to do is answer a few easy questions about the recently concluded season of the Super Fight League and you could stand a chance to win a SFL T-Shirt or a branded Mug. Below are the contest rules and questions.


  • The participants can comment with the answers to the Questions given below in the comment section of the article.
  • Three winners will be picked based on the correct answers to the first four questions and fifth answer will be taken as a tie breaker in case there are more than 3 people with 4 correct answers.
  • The responses to the last question will be judged on the basis of the feasibility of the idea, creativity and wording and will be at the discretion of The Fan Garage.
  • The first prize winner will get a SFL T-Shirt while the contestants who come in second and third would get SFL mugs.
  • The contest runs till 19 – March – 2017 (Sunday), 11: 59 IST and any comments after this deadline will not be considered.
  • One person can only make one comment and if there is more than one comment from the same person, only the first comment will be considered for the contest.
  • The winners will be announced on Monday, 20 – March – 2017.


  • Question 1: Which two teams competed in the final of this year’s SFL?
  • Question 2: Which fighter was named ‘Best Fighter of the League’?
  • Question 3: Who was the captain of Sher-E-Punjab?
  • Question 4: Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff was associated with which team?
  • Question 5: What changes do you want to see in in the next season of Super Fight League?

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