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PREVIEW: Shivajians must find their finishing touch; Chennai must have equal fighting displays in both halves

AT TIMES RESULT REALLY SHOWS A POOR PICTURE of a performance. The result can slip in either team's favour out of nowhere. And when it does, it does not do justice for a team that has given it their all.
This has been the story of DSK Shivajians this season. A marked improvement from their last season, this team has been troubling every team with the determination. Luck as we say can be cruel, for DSK Shivajains, it has been the cruelest consistently. take for example the game against Mumbai where they lost to a solitary goal but they were unlucky to have not found the back of the net on the night. Then against Bengaluru and Mohun Bagan, the team has shown no fear in taking the game to the more experienced opponents.
Dave Rodgers has been a youthful side and never backed out to support their performance. The posts, the crossbars have been foes of this team from Maharashta. Then they have had some of the narrowest misses in so many games.
To discuss about Chennai City, they are running some of the most wobbliest of times. Injuries played evil in their campaign. Karanjit who has been a rock for opposition attackers and had been instrumental in keeping lot more goals from being conceded at the start of the season. After that he had trouble keeping fit and hence misses a lot of matches. Amiri was missing for while, he brought great experience to the side with his play. These two missing were big blows as Chennai City, would been much higher in the league table had Karanjit and Amiri played. Ravanan was also missing action after suffering an injury. Among all, the coach was sacked for poor performances.
Chennai have been mostly a team that displays a great performance in the opening exchanges and the first half is easily better of the two halves they have played. The way they contained Mohun Bagan in the first half is a classic example of that.
With that we expect, DSK Shivajians have more luck and some better finishing in front of goal to get them the reward for their hard work and for Chennai we hope to see an equal level of performance in both halves or rather transform the first half hard work through the second half as well.

Chennai City host DSK Shivajians tomorrow at 7:05 pm to telecast on Ten 2.

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