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ARTISTIC SHUTTLER: Take a look at Ajay Jayaram's off-court talent

  • By Siju
  • twitter
  • January 31, 2017

WE ALL know shuttler Ajay Jayaram's on-court capabilities, his hard smashes and some great shots that have won him accolades from various tournaments.

It is common for anyone to have a hobby other than their profession and we've seen mainly among sports personalities, they indulge themselves in other sports. But with Ajay, it's not just a hobby but a gifted talent altogether.

He loves to sketch and his fans and followers will not be new to that as he has exhibited the same on social media quite often.

During the Premier Badminton League, Ajay and HS Prannoy were part of a Facebook Live where they were seen answering questions from the fans. Towards the end, a question to Ajay was when does he plan to have an exhibition of his sketches, to which he replied,

"I don't know, I mean I have them displayed on Facebook. Not thought of it but maybe someday."

Now, we at TFG would like to take this opportunity to have the exhibition on our site. Take a look at his amazing sketches.

Please Note: Source of all images are from Ajay's social media page.

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