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#TFGinterview: Never let anyone dictate your capabilities - In Conversation with Alex Soto

Alex "Extremo" Soto (8-3-1) is one of the most versatile and remarkable athletes to have ever stepped into the MMA. After an illustrious career fighting in every top promotion in the world, he hung his gloves and moved forward towards a greater goal, as the Director of Business Development for KHK MMA. His final bout was against, DeMarcus Brown at Bellator 170 - Sonnen vs. Ortiz where he won by unanimous decision.

Soto secured a big win at Bellator 170

Extremo came into the fight after a long break and cut weight from 180 pounds to 145 pounds in a matter of one and a half months, to dominate three rounds of action. The former Bellator fighter and the current Director of Business Development for KHK MMA and talent relations opens up for the Indian media in an exclusive interview  courtesy of Hari Bhagirath from KHK MMA.

Q: What was your strategy coming into the bout?

AS: I had a 3 week training camp for this fight. My physical state was not ready but my mental state was in balance and ready to take on this fight. Through dieting and focused training I managed to lose 9.5 kilograms in 3 weeks. My strategy was to move efficiently and effectively and try to finish the fight as soon as possible.

Q: How does it feel like getting into the ring for the final fight in your career?

AS: It was an incredible moment in my career. I knew it would be my last as I came walking down the ramp and it is hard to explain the emotions that came over to me. I knew I would give it my best in my last fight.

Q: You have gone through a massive weight cut, from 180 pounds to 145 in a month and a half. How does it feel and how did you achieve it?

AS: Simple. Diet and determination. I had the privilege of having my friend Pete Williams visiting me during the month long preparation. He is a UFC Hall of Famer, veteran and an incredible nutritionist. He was able to help me along through the cutting phase.

Q: Since one phase of your MMA career is over, what will be the next phase that you are looking forward to?

AS: The next phase is to continue my transition on to the other side of the cage. I have spent the last year working alongside Mohammed Shahid in getting Brave Combat Federation off the ground and into worldwide recognition as we pursue the vision of His Highness Shiekh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa. Our goal is to revolutionize the sport of MMA.

Q: Can you explain about your role in KHK and Brave Combat Federation?

AS: I have been with KHK since the beginning. I've had the privilege of working from the ground up developing athletes to building a world class promotion. My responsibilities range from athlete relations (my favorite part of my job) to building new business opportunities for Brave Combat Federation as well as organizing our events. Our team is getting bigger as we move along and we have assembled some incredible personnel on our team, 2017 is going to be huge.

Q: What difference had KHK brought in into your career?

AS: KHK MMA changed my life. Not just my career but my direction in life.

Q: What are your upcoming projects?

AS: We have Brazil and then events in Asia lined up. But I also have some amazing projects I can't wait to share with you all.

Q: If there is one message from you for your fans in India what will it be?

AS: Never let anyone dictate your capabilities in pursuing your goals. Every successful person is perceived crazy in the initial stages but when the metamorphic transition towards their dream turning into reality will justify the craziness. Sometimes you must have the heart to follow your dreams.

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