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PBL 2017: Relive the best moments of the 14 day gala competition; fixtures need improvement

PREMIER BADMINTON LEAGUE 2017 have come to an end and they have given all badminton fans some amazing moments to cherish.

Some that stunned everyone and some that left everyone wondering. TFG picks our best moments from the second edition of PBL.

Now the good is always followed by the bad or few negatives too. So before we dwell into the best moments let's see what made it to the negative list.

Everyone would agree on this that the second edition of PBL was a huge success as compared to the first with more shuttlers coming to the party and giving performances that were worth the money.

The negatives of the season is just one tiny bit, that is about the scheduling. There were days when two ties were played on the same day and it went on till 1 am. That is almost six hours of non-stop badminton action. An ardent badminton fan may sit through but that is very limited crowd in India.

The second tie usually saw empty stadiums as it went till the wee hours of the night. Now an ordinary Indian who watches badminton because of the likes of Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu etc will find it difficult to sit through six hours of action.

If the tournament directors and organisers could pay attention to this in the future, it then ticks mark all the columns to call it the successful tournament. A little bit of flexibility and breathing space for the players would also be a positive sign.

If this league wants to be emulated into a long-format which falls throughout the year then these small little things need to be taken care of. This would in-turn also help in better coverage and gather audience to engage in the same.

Now let's jump into what made this league memorable.

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