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INDIAN ACES: Minerva Punjab are betting on their experienced Indians as they seek a reversal of fortunes

THE FIRST North Indian club to play in the top division in years, Minerva Punjab came into I-League this season with a ton of expectations. But the start to their campaign has not been smooth to say the least.

Faced with a bunch of away games to start their top division journey, the team struggled to find coherence in their attack and have only managed to score 1 goal so far after 4 matches, sitting at the bottom of the table with 1 point and a -6 goal difference.

But the club, under the supervision of head coach Surinder Singh, is betting on its squad getting itself more used to the league and finding a better flow. For this, they have to bank on their most experienced Indian players to find better synergy and form a crux of the squad that can survive the intense fixtures that are coming up over the next few months.

In this piece, TFG looks into some of the most promising names in the Minerva Punjab roster, whose positive inputs can turn the club's fortunes around.

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