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INDIAN ACES: The veterans entrusted with spearheading Chennai City's maiden national voyage

WITH A SQUAD made at an emergency assembly line, Chennai City made their big jump from being a local league side to a top division club. On Sunday they played their first match of the 2016-17 season against fellow debutants Minerva Punjab and got a goalless draw.

Although it wasn't the best of games and the sluggishness of their squad was visible in the lack of mutual understanding on display between players as a result of not having played with each other long enough, the game had its good moments, and Chennai City had their fair share of it.

At this point it can be said that with a little bit of time and effort this Chennai City side has enough talent in it to be formed into a cohesive unit that produces a few results to remember down the line. And much of it is due to the experienced Indian players that the club management managed to rope in thanks to a war-footing signing operation.

Let's take a look at some of the shiniest stars in the Sickles' roster.

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