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MATCH PREDICTION: Awadhe Warriors to dominate over the struggling Delhi Acers

AWADHE WARRIORS riding high on confidence after their first win will take on Delhi Acers today in Lucknow. The defending champions Acers are yet to taste victory in the league.
But against the Warriors, the Acers look under pressure as the former will continue their domination.

The Trump match remains the same. Each team strategically selects one of the 5 matches that they play in a Tie as their Trump match. In a Trump match, a victory gives the team a bonus point and a loss gives it a negative point.

The difference is in the point system, from 15 points it is now 11 points game which will make it tricky and challenging for the teams.

TFG analyses and predicts the winner of the match based on a possible line-up of players, as the teams have to announce their team and Trump match only an hour before the game.


The following shuttlers are likely to play against each other in their respective categories; men's singles: Kidambi Srikanth (Awadhe) vs Jan o Jorgensen (Delhi); women's singles: Saina Nehwal (Awadhe) vs Tanvi Lad (Delhi); men's doubles: Markis Kido/Goh V Shem (Awadhe) vs Vladimir Ivanov/Ivan Sozonov (Delhi); mixed doubles: Bodin Issara/Savitree Amritapai (Awadhe) vs Ivanov/Jwala (Delhi); men's singles: Vincet Wong (Awadhe) vs Son Wan Ho (Delhi).

It remains to be seen which matches each team will nominate as their Trump match.

The Warriors is likely to have a complete domination over the struggling Acers and let's take a look at how it is possible.

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