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The Final Fighters: 6 players who dazzled or proved to be a dud at the ISL 2016 grand finale

KERALA LOST THEIR CHANCE TO LAY HANDS on their first ISL grand prize as they displayed an under-par performance in the penalty shootout. This was the second time that both teams met in the ISL final. 

Both sets of players came into the game with a well-defined gameplan and they stuck to their guns through the 120 minutes, resulting in a contest where neither got the upper hand. ATK players, however, held their own in the penalty shootouts and took home the trophy for the second tie in 3 years. KBFC players, who fought hard, were left disappointed.

In this piece, TFG takes into account six players from both sides on whom huge expectations were laid. While some lived up to them others failed miserably on the big day.

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