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Manjit Kolekar talks the problems faced by Indian fighters, reveals when she will return

BACK AT INVICTA 19, Manjit Kolekar had become the first Indian to fight in the Invicta Fighting Championships. Despite the loss to Kaline Medeiros, Manjit impressed everyone with her performance.

Manjit opens up about the problems she faced

While the bright side of the story is something that the world knows, there is another side as well. During a recent interview with Pro MMA Now, Manjit opened up about the same.

“And if I start talking about the troubles we fighters face from these “managers” we would be here all day. They cheat, they steal, they try to make sure they are the ones who grow instead of fighters; they make fake promises to lure fighters into contracts and then drain fighters in every way possible to earn. This by the way is just a small part of the torture they unleash on us. Today every manager in India is rich and is living a luxurious life on the expense of their fighters, the money which should belong to fighters is wrongly kept by the managers, and the money which a fighter could use to train himself is used by managers to lead an extravagant life.” Manjit said.

Manjit also mentioned that most of the Indian promotions out there don’t pay the fighters, which has turned into a major problem.

“Most of us Indian fighters have not been paid by promotions. And no one has had a better firsthand experience of emotional and mental torture by organizations and people in power. There was a time when no one would answer my phone, there was a large scale Manjit Kolekar boycott movement.” She added.

With her Invicta FC debut in the books, Manjit still has a long road ahead of her and she has some plans laid out as well.  

“My loss at Invicta FC gave me a reality check that I needed to train. I am planning to go for a training camp in Thailand. I am injured right now so will be looking for next fight not before March. Right now, I plan to train here.” Manjit said.

Manjit is currently 9-1 in her professional career with the loss she suffered against Kaline being her first. With the performance that she gave, the path ahead looks set to be a bright one for Manjit as she prepares to enter the octagon again.

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