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Fighting in enemy turf- In conversation with Rajinder Singh Meena: Part 1

ON DECEMBER 2, 2016 HONORIO BANARIO will be enjoying the comfort of being in his own backyard as he will step into the octagon at ONE Championship: Age of Domination.

Rajinder Singh Meena returns to ONE FC against Honorio Banario

Honorio comes into the fight with a two fight winning streak and while he would love to make it three, he has a big challenge to overcome: Rajinder Singh Meena.

One of India’s highly rated MMA fighters, Rajinder is will clearly be met with a hostile environment as he looks set to put a stop to Banario’s winning streak. But Rajinder feels that fighting in Banario’s home turf will not be a big factor.

Rajinder Singh Meena: For me, as a fighter, I’m never discouraged to fight in his home land.  The audience will have a low effect on what happens in the octagon, but I am representing my country have full confidence from my side.

But aware of the dangers that Banario brings to the table, Rajinder has made necessary changes to his training.

Rajinder Singh Meena: Yes, I did change my techniques compared to the earlier fights which i felt was more beneficial.

This will be the second fight in ONE Championship for Rajinder. His last outing did not go as planned when he lost to Peter Davis via a TKO. Despite the defeat, the exposure that ONE FC gave Rajinder needs to be noted.

Rajinder Singh Meena: I never got to fight in a promotion like ONE FC before. Fighting at such an international level helps me to promote my career.  The ONE FC makes it suitable for me to build my career on an international level.

The fight between Rajinder and Banario happens just in a matter of hours and when asked about a message for his fans, Rajinder had the following to say.

Rajinder Singh Meena: My friends always have good wishes for me, so my massage is that, I am giving my best performance.

The ONE Championship: Age of Domination is scheduled to take place at the Mall of Asia Arena, Manila on December 2.In the second part of the interview, Rajinder talks about his career so far, Indian MMA and more. 

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