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Stories of fighters are more important than money: Mohammed Shahid on bringing Brave to India

AS NOTED EARLIER, Brave Combat Federation held a ground breaking press conference in Mumbai to talk about the promotion’s plans.

Brave wants to tell the stories of fighters

The Fan Garage managed to ask Brave CEO Mohammed Shahid the reason why Brave was brought to India and he had a beautiful answer for the same. Below is what Shahid said.

“We have set our sight for a global promotion but India is special because I have been a part of Indian MMA ecosystem. I know how every fighter here wants to give their 100% when I called Abdul Muneer during our first event and I told him your opponent is Massio Fullen. He kept the phone did his research and called me back to say "I am in for this fight".

You know lot of global MMA fighters pick their opponents so that they can win and if you know Fullen, He is massive but Abdul had a heart to face him, irrespective of the consequences. That is what I like.

Same goes for Farhad, when I told him about his opposition, at very same point he said yes and he made it count. Farhad took it onto himself and he knocked him out cold. That need some guts, years and years of practice and these Indian fighters don't want to waste the opportunity.

But when I see these guys do not have any platform to showcase what they are, it aches me and I want to provide that platform to them.

I do not care about MMA fans; I do not care about the money. I am here for the fighters and I want to provide them platform to showcase who they are to the rest of the world.”

Shahid had earlier noted in an exclusive interview with The Fan Garage that the promotion had huge plans for India and it was not a business plan and instead wanted to tell the stories of the Indian fighters out there.

“When we started the Brave Combat Federation, the intent was never to come up with a business plan, and gain attention for ourselves using Bollywood stars or anything like that. Of course, it is important to have the right kind of endorsements for the show, but the problem becomes when the story of the promotion supercedes the stories of the fighters and that has been the case in Indian MMA so far. However, we are here to change that and yes, India does figure in a big way in our future plans,” He said.

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