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Highlights from the press conference of Brave Combat Federation in Mumbai

BRAVE COMBAT FEDERATION held a ground breaking press conference in Mumbai where the team rolled out their future plans for India.

The team behind Brave

Brave CEO, Mohammed Shahid, Actor Sahil Khan and Indian MMA fighters Abdul Muneer, Mohammed Farhad, Pawan Maan, Farhan Siddique and many other members from the Brave team attended the event and they had some interesting revelations.

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Mohammed Shahid noted that India is as important as the Middle East and Europe for Brave and also said that they will be trying to have 6-10 events in India in 2017.

“We want to take Indian athletes to global level. It's a stressful time since brave is just 2 weeks away I don't blame cricket & Bollywood. I won't cry about it. I want to create jobs create platform for fighters in India. We want attention to come to India. I want 100 flags to come down to India. We are looking to have 6-10 events in India in 2017. We want to work for grassroots level in India,” he said.

Shahid also pointed out the need of stronger regulations for Amateur MMA in the nation and added that they will be looking for female fighters as well.

“We need stronger regulations for amateur fighters, pushing ourselves to work with All India Mixed Martial Arts Federation. Women and sports are different from women and fighting. In fighting we don't differentiate between men & women. Female fighters have more potential in this sport. Female fighters in MMA have achieved more than any other sports,” Shahid said.

Meanwhile, Indian fighter, Pawan Maan said that he would want to become a two weight champion at the promotion.

Pawan Maan wants to be two weight champion

“I practice for 8-9 hours a day. Want to give 100% in Brave. Want to be champion in 2 weights” Pawan said.

You can check out the live updates and pictures from the press conference on our Facebook page and Twitter handle.


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