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JSW to launch new franchise in the Hockey India League

JSW SPORTS, WHO HAVE developed a deep connection with Indian sports through their activities at various levels, in football, badminton, tennis, wrestling and athletics, will also become a major investor in hockey when they launch a new franchise in the Hockey India League.

A tweet from the organization, quoting former tennis player and CEO Mustafa Ghouse, announced that the new team in the 2-month league held through January and February will be launched not in the upcoming season in 2017 but the one after that.

This unhurried approach from JSW Sports indicates that there may be multiple projects attached to the establishment of the franchise; including infrastructure-related work. 

Even though the company has clarified whether the team will be based out of Bangalore or not, the Karnataka capital is likely to be the home venue for the new franchise. And the Bangalore Hockey Stadium, which currently seats 7,000 people, may receive a facelift by the time the team is officially launched. 

JSW Sports have already taken a leading role in Indian football, establishing Bengaluru FC that has achieved unprecedented success in the last 3 years, including winning the I-League twice and becoming the first Indian club to reach the AFC Cup final. They also own the Pro Wrestling League franchise Bengaluru Yodhas and sponsor a number of leading athletes in the country. If the new hockey franchise follows the footsteps of other teams owned by their parent company, it's likely to have a significant positive impact on the sport.

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