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#TFGInterview: Priyanka Jeet Toshi aims to inspire women to dream with her new documentary

THAROTH ‘The LITTLE FROG’ SAM was someone that needed no introductions as far as the MMA fans in Cambodia was concerned. This is perhaps why she had a wide smile on her face when the announcer introduced her.

With this smile and the comfort of her home fans, Sam stared across at her opponent: a baby faced girl from India that dared to dream – Priyanka Jeet Toshi.

At the age of 24, this was the third fight in ONE FC for Priyanka; an achievement that none of the WMMA fighters in India can showcase. As she had lost during her last two outings, she had a point to prove and this was evident from the intensity in her eyes.

Three rounds and fifteen minutes later, Priyanka was announced as the winner via unanimous decision; marking her first win in the promotion and that too, by defeating someone on their own backyard.

Priyanka is currently 3-3 in her MMA career

Almost a year later, Priyanka is currently 3-3 in her career and at an age of 25, she still has a long journey ahead. But she is currently on a mission to inspire the people around her to do what she dared to do: Dream.

The fighter has been roped in to be the protagonist of a documentary which focuses on women power and she noted on her Instagram account that the documentary film will characterize her real life story.

But more than this, the film is bound to inspire girls to follow their dream.

“The film portrays a close up footage into the life of a girl who is living her dream. It tells a story about the girl who knows how to get her dream turn into reality. This is a story about every girl who can be much more than just “the girl next door", Priyanka told The Fan Garage.

After entering into combat sports at the age of 16 through kickboxing, Priyanka had to overcome numerous hurdles to reach where she is today. And these real life struggles are what inspired her to take up project.

“[The film is about] an untainted woman who finds her way into intimating challenges. Nevertheless the strive to make her dream come true is never deterrent. Independent and self-sustaining derived from barriers overcame and passing through failures into a well-established empress. The journey into the depth of a woman's soul is to see her emotion in a subtle but noticeable countenance.” She added.

Basketball legend Kobe Bryant once said that the most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do and Priyanka will be doing just that with this upcoming documentary; inspiring people to dream.

Photos Courtesy of: Troubadour Films

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