Bromance between Ajay Thakur and Joginder Narwal of Bengaluru Bulls

AJAY THAKUR AND JOGINDER NARWAL, defender and raider respectively, are roommates and they shared/expressed what they feel towards each other, talking to the official Youtube channel of Bengaluru Bulls.

"We have a lot of fun together, suppose I tell him that I'm going to sleep, he (Joginder) won't let me, hitting me with pillows he'll wake me up and say that until he doesn't sleep, won't let me sleep," Ajay said answering to the question 'what do they do for fun?'

When Joginder was asked what advice he gives to Ajay, he said:

"I tell him he is a good player and you will do well, I keep motivating him. I say that you (Ajay) are a lion and you play like a lion."

"We have no fuss between us, we are good with each other and have great understanding," said Ajay when asked if they enjoy being roommates.

Ajay laughs while revealing that Abhishek Bachchan's team hogs the TV most amongst all teams.

"Pink Panthers, they watch TV the most, we'll be sitting and having food, they'll come snatch the remote and watch movies. They have to watch 5-6 movies each day."

Watch Ajay's reply to the questions on what Joginder does after a loss and how he celebrates a win, and also witness the chemistry the duo share:

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