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Back Early: East Bengal cut short residential camp due to bad weather and health issues

EAST BENGAL WERE supposed to finish their pre-season residential training camp at Kalyani today, but unforeseen cicumstances have forced head coach Trevor James Morgan to end the camp a day earlier. The team travelled back to Kolkata last night.

The team began their practice at the Kalyani Municipal Stadium, but soon the weather turned sour against them. Incessant rains made the stadium's grass turf almost unplayable. 

Photo: East Bengal FC

Next came the sickness. Prohlad Roy collapsed during practice with such pains and breathing difficulty that he had to be rushed to the hostpital and admitted in the ICU. Then Mehtab Hossain also complained of sickness due to being out in the bad weather. Defender Robert Lalthlamuana also took ill with fever and had to sit out the last day.

Seeing that the start of the Calcutta Football League was drawing near, Morgan decided not to risk any more potential health concerns in the squad and ended the camp a day early. The team will resume its practice sessions at the East Bengal Ground or the Howrah Stadium on Monday.

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