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Budhia will return to hostel in four days, says Odisha govt; he is also free to go if he wants

YESTERDAY WE REPORTED about Budhia Singh, the marathon runner who had not returned to the Sports Authority of India (SAI) hostel in Bhubaneswar. He was unhappy with the facilities provided there. Now the Odisha government has clarified that he will return to the hostel in four days.

"Budhia Singh's mother has already informed us that they are in Nayagarh. We are expecting him to return to the sports hostel in two to four days," said Sports and Youth Affairs Secretary Saswat Mishra to IANS.

The government was all of the opinion that if he is unsatisfied with the hostel he is free to leave.

"If they think they are not getting proper training and adequate food, they can leave the hostel. They are free, they can go," said Mishra.

An officer stated that eight other sportspersons have not returned.

"Besides Budhia, eight other sportspersons have not returned. They used to come back to the hostel within a fortnight of reopening of the SAI hostel at the Kalinga Stadium."

Budhia's mother Sukanti Singh had earlier told IANS about no proper food being provided at the hostel.

"There is no nutritious food for my son at the sports hostel. My son has been complaining to me that he does not want to stay. If someone wants to train my son, then I will ask him to leave the hostel."

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