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Rahul runs the show for Titans as they butcher Warriors to grab maiden win

A SUPERB SERIES of raids from Rahul Chaudhari saw Telugu Titans grab their first win of the season, beating a hapless Bengal Warriors team emphatically by 35-18.

Spurred on by a packed house at Gachi Bowli, the Titans took control of the game and never relinquished. Nilesh Salunke got the first point for them, then they caught Nitin Madane. Rahul Chaudhari soon joined the party with back to back successful raids. And soon the home team was cruising with a 6-0 lead, with Bengal Warriors down to Monu Goyat.


The bonus point the Titans allowed Monu to take was the first ever point for the Warriors. And then a simple tackle finished the all-out. It was 9-1 after 8 minutes, and Bengal's sorrow had just begun.

Nilesh got a touch. Then Bengal fought back by trapping Rahul Chaudhari. They sent Nitin Madane raiding who got a point too. Soon Nilesh Salunke also fell to the Warriors' trap. It was 10-4 after 13 minutes and it seemed like a comeback was on the cards.

But it wasn't to be. Mahendra Rajput and Ravi Dalal trapped by the Titans. Bengal fought back by tackling Rahul, but Sandeep Narwal and Nilesh kept the Titans scoring. And at half-time, they had a sizeable lead of 15-8.

Things picked up where they left off in the second half. Nilesh was trapped, but Rahul Chaudhari was getting touches. Bengal's Nitin Madane was tackled again, but Ravi Dalal got a touch and they managed to pin Rahul Chaudhari. 28 minutes in, the game wasn't looking that one-sided any more. The Titans lead 17-13; a reasonably workable deficit for the Warriors.

But the Titans swung their axes again and caught hold of Bengal's Shrikant Jadhav (twice), Ravi Dalal and Nitin Madane. Meanwhile Pralpanjan and Rahul kept scoring touches. And as time ticked by Bengal found themselves with no course to make a comeback into the game. 37 minutes in, they were down 29-14.

It was already over. But Monu Goyat tried to help Bengal finish well with back to back successful raids before he got caught. Meanwhile Rahul Chaudhari kept up with his destructive form. The end was as emphatic as the start for Telugu Titans. They won the match 35-18.

It was a bottom-table clash, and Telugu Titans came into this match after 3 back to back losses, on 0 points. This win, they will hope, will turn out to be the turning point of their season. And for Bengal Warriors, this loss means a trip to the pit bottom of the league table. The team has now lost 2 back to back games by large margins, and things seem to be slowly turning from bad to worse for them.

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