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U Mumba bulldoze Bengal Warriors out of the mat and pick up a comfortable victory

U MUMBA SURPASSED the challenge put on by Bengal Warriors with ease to get themselves a comfortable large-margin victory by a margin of 18-26.

U Mumba's superior raiding and defending skills were obvious from early on. They trapped Nitin Madane and Surjeet Narwal, while Rishank Devadiga ran back to back successful raids. 6 minutes in, Mumbai had a 1-5 lead and Bengal were facing a potential all-out.


The Warriors subbed Ravi Dalal in for C. Arun but it did not work. Ravi got a touch, but as the last man on the mat got trapped in the next raid. 7 minutes in, Bengal had suffered an all-out, and U Mumba had built a 3-9 lead.

Bengal Warriors vs U Mumba Defence Strategies

The domination continued. Surender got two touches while Surjeet Narwal and Monu Goyat got caught. 12 minutes in, Bengal were desperately falling behind, now at a 4-14 deficit.

Bengal Warriors Raid Analysis

They mounted a fight-back. Nitin Madane and Surjeet Narwal ran successful raids, and they caught Surender Singh and Rishank Devadiga. U Mumba at this point were happy to sit back and play it safe and Bengal Warriors weren't ready to take high risks either. So the game dragged on, and the first half ended with a 9-16 scoreline.

Bengal Warriors vs U Mumba Raid Strategies

The series of cautious empty raids continued in the second half with back to back empty raids until Mumbai were building on their lead again. Suresu Kumar got a touch and Bengal's Shrikant Jadhav and Surjeet Narwal were tackled. 28 minutes in, Bengal were looking up at a mountain to climb, with Mumbai up 10-19.

U Mumba Raid Analysis

Monu Goyat ran successful raids and Rishank Devadiga was caught as Bengal Warriors tried to mount a feeble comeback that proved futile. But U Mumba simply played out the clock for the most part, with successful raids from captain Anup Kumar denying Bengal any momentum building. The match ended with a 13-21 scoreline, an easy win for U Mumba, who jumped on to the 2nd spot on the Pro Kabaddi points table with their third win in 5 games. 

Bengal Warriors vs U Mumba Points Tracker
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Information & stats from: Messy Fractals

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