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UP Wizards retain Srejeesh, Raghunath for next two HILs

WIZARD HAVE RETAINED five players, including star goalkeeper P R Sreejesh and drag-flicker V R Raghunath for the 2016 and 2017 editions of the Hockey India League (HIL). 

All the franchises had the option of retaining five players -- three Indians and three foreigners, but UP Wizards today informed the HIL board that they have decided to retain just five players for the next two seasons of the tournament. 

UP Wizards made the decision folowwing post a detailed analysis of the entire team and individual player's contribution in the last few seasons. 

Besides Sreejesh and Raghunath, the other Indian player who have been retained by UP Wizards is striker Ramandeep Singh. 

Apart from the Indian trio, the Wizards have also retained Australian midfielder Eddie Ockenden and Dutchman Jolie Wouter. 

Speaking on their decision to retain five players, Director Sahara Adventure Sports Limited, Abhijit Sarkar said:

"The choice of holding back Sreejesh and Raghunath was easy because while one is the regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world today, the other one of the best drag-flicker. So retaining them was the easiest choice for us. 

"Apart from them Ramandeep was the next choice keeping in mind his skills as an attacker and the manner in which he cleverly breaks the opponents defence is amazing. Among the foreigners Edward Ockenden and Jolie Wouter have been retained keeping in mind the value that they add to any team line-up on any given day.



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