AIFF express surprise over SCG and Salgaocar withdrawal

FEW HOURS AFTER the Goan clubs, Salgacoar and Sporting Clube de Goa made it official that they will not feature in the upcoming season, AIFF released a statement expressing surprise and regret.

Following is their statement in entirety

The All India Football Federation expressed regret and surprise over the sudden decision of Salgaocar SC and Sporting Clube de Goa to exit the I-League.
Terming it as a knee jerk and speculative reaction AIFF General Secretary Mr. Kushal Das said: “We along with our Marketing partners have been very transparent sharing our thoughts with all stakeholders regarding the way forward for Indian Football. It was clearly stated that the shared draft was only a proposal and we would like suggestions from various stakeholders. The AIFF has been receiving various suggestions and the last one was received only a week back.”
“Since it involves setting the roadmap for Indian Football every aspect needs to be carefully considered. So the assumption made by the Clubs that AIFF has not responded is presumptuous and speculative.
He also added that while “there is no denying the contribution made by the Clubs who have been associated with Indian Football for a long time, it was also evident that they were unable to create  fan base to sustain themselves.”
“The purpose of the proposal was to enable Clubs to create a sustainable model for the future which has unfortunately been wrongly interpreted by some of the Clubs,” he further stated.
Reacting to the allegations of the Clubs about financial matters, Mr. Sunando Dhar, CEO, I-League said: “The amount for fielding age-group sides in the respective competitions of AIFF which were pending since 2008, was agreed in an I-League committee meeting that the same would be adjusted against the I-League participation fees. This has been in practice for the last 3-4 years.”

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