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Dhanraj Pillay is a proud co-owner of a table tennis team; says interested in buying a hockey team

LEGENDARY HOCKEY PLAYER DHANRAJ PILLAY is now the co-owner of a team in Mumbai Super Table Tennis League which held its auction today at NSCI, Mumbai.

The four-time Olympian is a proud co-owner of Blazing Bashers,

"I like to see the younger generation come forward and play whichever game they love to play. I am the joint secretary of the Air India Sports Promotion Board and table tennis is one of the games I am involved with in that capacity."

The ex-India captain reminisced about the league last year where he was a chief guest,

"Last year I was the chief guest at the prize distribution function of this League and was impressed by the passion I saw. I told Kamlesh Mehta (former national table tennis champion and chairperson of MSL's organising committee) that I want to buy a team if possible. Money is not important, but (by buying a team) my involvement will be there. You will see me in shorts and T shirt shouting for my team."

Talking about buying a hockey team, the four-time World Cupper said,

"I am ready to buy a team in hockey and (Olympian and ex-teammate) Gavin Ferreira is organising a rink hockey tournament and I am planning to do it."

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