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In Conversation with Dixie Carter – Part 2 : IPL, Salman Khan, and how India treated her

In the first part of our Interview with Dixie Carter, we saw her talking about the rumors on TNA, the ways in which TNA is planning to grow and a string of other things. In this second part, Dixie shares her experience in India, some interesting insights into what she thinks about the people here and more.

Dixie talks about her love for India

About the importance of TNA’s association with Sony Six

They’ve been great partners for a long time, and we would love to make India our second home. The potential is unlimited here, the fan base is so passionate about all the sports, especially wrestling and we see some great opportunities to grow the business in India as we have some incredible partners in Sony. We definitely want to tape television from India and we are currently discussing about the same.

Enjoying the IPL and her favorite team

I’ve watched IPL at home, not often as it is not easy to get. When I was in UK and especially since we’ve been here, we’ve watched it non-stop. Recently, we were able to go to the Sony office for the IPL pre and post show and we had a fantastic time and got to meet a lot of people. We are personally pulling for the Royal challengers Bangalore.

Wanting to see Salman Khan in a TNA ring and praising Sultan

It was special to see Salman Khan on the sets. He is bringing a wrestling movie himself in Sultan and we got to see the sneak peak of the movie and we all talked.  We were talking about how we would love to see him in the ring with one of our wrestlers like EC III. Like we were thrilled with some of the scenes from the movie and Salman looked incredible in it.

Memorable experience in India

The whole country and the whole city of Mumbai is just unbelievable and overwhelming. The people are so beautiful and kind on a level that is just hard to find. My favorite thing was going to the Sony Six’s IPL preshow and getting to see the cricketers, presenters, the Bollywood stars, it was great fun and it was great to see the tremendous show that Sony Six put on.

Message for the Indian fans

We as a company are so grateful for the support that we had from India through the years. Our ratings continue to grow here and I want everyone to know that we are very committed to this lovely country. We are going to continue growing and do exciting things so just stay tuned as in the next few months things will start unveiling and it will get the people excited for sure.

You can watch all the latest Impact Wrestling episodes and much more on Sony Six, the official broadcast partners of TNA.   

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