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4 Fights That Look Likely For UFC 200

THE UFC ANNOUNCED a slew of incredible and highly anticipated fight match-ups for the coming months, leading up to the major milestone figure of the world's biggest fight promotion completing 200 PPVs. The venue was the night before the UFC 196 PPV, which broke many a record with its impressive performance, at the UFC Unstoppable press conference.

However, on being asked the million-dollar question of 'what can we expect at UFC 200?’ UFC President Dana White played his part of the veteran fight promoter and gave nothing away. If the lead-up to it is so stacked, UFC 200 should be nothing short of a watershed PPV, on course to break all records. The company knows how to deliver the goods on such mega occasions as proven in the past by the record-setting UFC 100 PPV, which held the record for the most PPV buys till last week's UFC 196 upstaged it.

Given the state of affairs involving the present crop of UFC fighters, it would be fun to be a fan and speculate on the matches that could possibly adorn this historic fight card....and that are exactly what we are here to do.

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