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Cold Wars - 6 controversies we have seen in this I-League season so far

THE I-LEAGUE is nearly halfway through and the past couple of months have been a breeze. We have seen new clubs enter the fray, players emerge or slip out of form, a few upset results that challenged the league's status quo and a couple of managers given the sack already.

It's been a heady mix of highly competitive football. And the battle and rivalry between the clubs has not stayed limited to the games. A lot of stuff has been happening off the pitch, before during or after the game, and the parties involved in this tussle have been coming from all sorts of places, including some very unlikely ones.

So far these clashes have involved coaches, the AIFF, a team manager, a team doctor, a celebrity singer, a few samosas, a wristwatch and of course the fans.

Some of these controversies have reached their conclusions while some others are still around, brimming in the sidelines, waiting for their moment to take the centre-stage again.

Here's a look at 6 such incidents and controversies that have raged, or are raging, around India's top division football league.

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