Teaching and sight-seeing is a way for Kearala Blasters striker Michael Chopra

EX-CARDIFF AND KERALA BLASTERS player Michael Chopra was in Gurgaon teaching children some tricks to bend it in the field.

The striker tweeted his experience as amazing and was proud to help India in its grassroots development.

Michael Chopra was also amazed by the participation by by young boys and wished them best for the future

The striker has publicly opined his intentions to avail Indian passport and play in the Indian national football team, Chopra said,

“I am really looking forward to returning to India this summer and I hope that my ancestral home will welcome my decision to forgo my British Passport in return for an Indian nationality.  India is where my spirit lives and I hope that I can one day represent the country I love on a national footballing stage. I was born in Britain, brought up in Newcastle but, phi bhi dil hain Hindustani"

With final few days in India, the fan favourite is asking his fans recommendations for sight seeing with Akshardham temple as one of them



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