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STAR MOVES: It's a cup of tea for Anup, while Saina prefers a banana! Watch the video

STAR SPORTS BROUGHT TOGETHER kabaddi player and U Mumba captain, Anup Kumar, and the India's leading women's badminton player, Saina Nehwal, to interview each other and share knowledge about their sport.

Both sports personalities were in awe of each other as the conversation went on. Both agreed on the point that each other's game is inspiring. Saina and Anup turned interviewers to get each other talking about their sport, their thoughts on the court, their habits before a match.

Saina was the first to quiz Anup:

"What goes on in your mind when you are up against so many players as huge and strong as you are?"

Saina also said that she watches the games when Anup plays.

Watch the first part below:

After sharing their knowledge of the sport they then went onto talking about the rituals they follow before their game and also spoke about which team or player they find a strong opponent.

Anup gets disappointed when Saina says who her favourite player is.

The U Mumba team captain and the badminton superstar follow unique habits before a match. It is not what one would think that a top player would be doing to get ready for a high pressure game.

The second part reveals all:

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