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'Blackout Saga' happy ending: Mumbai FC thanks TFG

THE MUMBAI FOOTBALL CLUB has expressed acknowledgement of the role TFG played in bringing the 'Blackout Saga' to the football fans as it happened.

When the I-League TV listings came out last night, TFG was the first to publish an article on Mumbai FC's complete absence from it. The piece helped spread the word around among fans who raised a chorus on social media against this injustice. 

TFG continued tracking the story late into last night, putting out another article addressing the fan grievance that was unfolding. We also continued talking to people in the Indian football fraternity about the matter.

We shared the joy with the fans when finally this morning the situation reached a happy resolution with Ten Sports Network Head of Marketing Prasenjit Basu announcing that the listings have been updated to include a few matches featuring Mumbai FC.

At the end of it all, the official Twitter account of Mumbai FC thanked TFG for our work throughout this episode:

The club also thanked the supporters who were so quick to rise to its defence when the injustice was brought to light.

As the Mumbai FC family welcomes 2016 with happiness and relief with the good news, we at TFG are happy to stand with them and any other club who despite their proven dedication to Indian football are made to undergo setbacks of this kind. 

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