Ruckus and commotion takes centre stage at PWL finale

THE HORROR OF RUCKUS AND COMMOTION followed the inaugural Pro Wrestling League to the finale too which was contested by the teams from Mumbai and Harayana at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi on Sunday.

According to a Times of India report, before the final could start it was disrupted with unnecessary chaos which was a result of mismanagement by the organisers. Fans holding their respective VIP and VVIP tickets were seen arguing with the police staff as entries were shut way before the actual time printed on the tickets.

A miscommunication between the gate-keepers and the event organisers was the root cause for the problem and left many fans angry. Since the police staff could not control the crowd, the security personnel guarding the area near the playing mat were manhandled, leading to an ugly sight. This lead to a violent atmosphere before the police personnel entered the floor with full riot gear to get the situation under control. The officers leading the security team had a discussion with the organisers and then the police decided not to take action against those who forced their entry.

Finally, the match began with loud cheers, but another commotion was not too far away. Police officials were rushed next to the playing mat to control the situation when celebrations of Mumbai's Amit Dhankhar victory over Haryana's Vishal Rana (12-0) in the opening match got out of hands which lead to backstage fighting between the two teams.

Mumbai Garudas crowned champions 

The next issue revolved around Vijender Singh, who was invited by the organisers to felicitate the winners, who was seen exiting the venue in a huff after one of his guests was allegedly asked to leave amidst the confusion.

The Mumbai team won the match against Haryana 7-2, a result that was decided when the score was 5-2. The on-the-ring spirited action soon spread to other corners of the stadium which affected the entire event. Day one too was marred with similar situation, but trhe organisers seem to have not learnt from it.

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