The inaugural night of PWL marred with chaos and unprofessionalism

PRO WRESTLING LEAGUE (PWL) made a chaotic beginning on the opening day of the competition, following the last-minute pulling out of top players including Sushil Kumar.

The working media had no plug points and there were scoreboard malfunctioning during a bout, which caused the opening day of the wrestling league get marred by all kinds of disorder. It also failed to attract a sizeable crowd as the league clashed with the ongoing Indian Premier Tennis League (IPTL), being held in the same city.

The spectators who were present there seemed to lack real partisan enthusiasm; many claimed they had come to support their respective companies which owned the teams.

The opening had to be stopped after 19 seconds of starting because the cheerleaders did not know their positions, people were standing all around and there was total confusion.

The two players, who had started their fight, went back to their respective corners and waited for the match to begin all over again. It finally commenced all over again with the score-line revised to 0-0.

During the bout between Punjab's icon player Geeta Phogat and Sakshi Malik, there was confusion about the referrals taken by the teams and also the judges took a while to reach a decision.

The clock malfunctioned during the last bout of the day. The wrestlers had to wait to restart their bout till the clock was adjusted again.

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