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Sreesanth is ready for a comeback

SREESANTH has many reasons to celebrate the most significant one being that he may get a chance to play his favourite sport yet again. The charges of spot fixing of which he was accused of and which also got him banned from playing cricket, they have been dropped by the Delhi High Court.

The two years must have been the most dreadful one for him, the accusations also tarnished his image in the cricket world. His biggest fight was with 'time'.

"I would only say that ‘time’ had been my big worry during the last 26 months. I’m 32 now and I was really worried about getting old and whether I would run out of time. Age is just a number but for someone who has undergone six surgeries on the big toes, it is a big worry."


(In an interview with The Hindu)

Those two years he found a way to keep him engrossed and how did he do that?

" I went into the movies and I was getting good response, I dedicated myself to that field. But often, I would think about the case and I would completely switch off."


No matter what you will always have the passion for what you love very much and you are kept away from doing that, it is a terrible time, that is exactly what Sreesanth went through. When asked if he would play in the Ranji this year, he said,

"I’d love to play this Ranji season, I don’t want to waste one more year for no reason. I don’t want to be in a situation where I’ll get sympathy… no. I’m not asking for sympathy, am just asking for my right."


He is also keen to play for team India again and aims to earn a place in the team for the world cup in 2019. But the BCCI adamant about not lifting the ban, when asked what he has to say about it, he said,

"I don’t want to say anything on that because Sreesanth played cricket only because of the BCCI. If there was no BCCI, there would be no Sreesanth. So, I will always be grateful to the Board for that. I don’t have any grudges, I am not complaining. I really hope the officials get into the details and I will wait, second by second, minute by minute till somebody tells, ‘let him play yaar’.


The two years indeed have been tough on him but trying a hand at something else is also not a bad idea and when that works out well, even better. Whether the BCCI will lift the ban, whether he will play for team India and whether his fans will get a glimpse of his dance moves after he takes a wicket, only time will tell. The same 'time' that he was worried about earlier but at present for a different reason!

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