Don't need money, will donate it to charity: Sushil Kumar on Rs 11-lakh PWL fee hike

RUMOURS OF two-time Olympic medallist Sushil Kumar sulking over his displacement as the Pro-Wrestling League's top draw started doing the rounds immediately after the players' auction. 

Ukrainian woman wrestler Oksana Herhel earned the highest bid in the auction, when the Haryana team bought her for Rs. 41.3 lakh, 3 lakh more than Sushil. Even fellow wrestler and London Olympics bronze medallist Yogeshwar Dutt was bought at a higher price than Sushil. 

Soon after the auction, the Uttar Pradesh franchise released a statement saying that the franchise has decided to give a sum of Rs. 11 lakh to Sushil, who is 'highly valuable to the team and nation'. This led to further speculation that the wrestler may have struck a secret deal that now made him the league's highest earner. 

However, on Wednesday, Sushil rubbished the rumours, saying he did not need the money.

“I have never played for money so I don’t’ know why someone has this view,” Sushil told Hindustan Times over the phone from Pune.

“I will donate the money that I will get from the league to charity. By the grace of God I have everything, I don’t need money,” he added.

The Sushil Kumar Foundation was established a couple of months ago, wherein the Sushil4sports programme helps budding talent reach their goals. 


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