4 monkeys vs 22 players: simians crowned winners as they refuse to leave CFL ground

A MATCH IN THE ONGOING Calcutta Football League (Premier Division B) between United Sports Club and Railway Football Club was abandoned earlier today due to monkeys making mayhem in the ground.

I can haz play ball? 

Being held at the Khardaha Stadium, the players and match officials were left stunned when a "gang of four monkeys" came on the pitch and refused to leave. 

A dismayed Nabab Bhattacharya, owner of United SC, took to social media to pass the word on to fans. 

After a while the monkeys left (or were removed) from the football pitch and the match finally started. It was turning out to be a pretty exciting contest as well, with two early goals setting the tone.

But then fate intervened once again as the monkeys re-entered the pitch and the match came to a stop again. 

After a long while of waiting and trying to drive the monkeys away the organizers gave up. The monkey menace was too much for them so they decided to abandon the match and decided to hold it at the Kalyani Municipal Stadium on the next day.

While in the recent CFL (Premier Division A) season we have seen matches getting abandoned due to thunderstorm, excessive rain and bad light, a match abandoned due to monkeys is a rare occurence even in India. Here's hoping we don't encounter too many incidents like this in the future.

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