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Encourage women to take up sports professionally: Saina Nehwal

THE WORLD NO. 2 badminton player, Saina Nehwal has asked the girls of the country to consider sports seriously and take it up as a profession. Though there are number of sports women in the country she thinks more and more women should come forward and showcase their talent.

In a country like India one thing is for sure there is no dearth of talent in whichever field it is and especially sports. There was a time where one would only find boys playing a sport in the lanes, on the roads but now that time has changed. One will also find girls playing sport just like the boys but what is lacking is that they do not consider it taking it to the next level and making it big.

For most of the girls sports is considered as a hobby. There are still parts of country where girls are not given the platform to prove themselves. The mentality of women should get married and then look after their kids and family still exists in many parts of the country. It is saddening situation but majority of them do consider giving it a shot. If that was not the case then the country would not have the likes of Nehwal, Sania Mirza, Mary Kom and so on who have done their country and family proud.

Saina is seen in a recent Microsoft Lumia advertisement where she talks to the principal of a girls school who does not consider sports a good career option for girls, but with the help of the school's sports teacher she is able to convey her message to the principle who later takes sports seriously (the incident in the advertisement is purely fictional).

At present there are platforms, opportunities where one can prove themselves and today's day and age, where girls are at equal level with boys, they should not shy away from doing what they love and if it is sports then very well make it their profession.

Another point she stresses on is about sports education (also conveyed through the advertisement), where schools should make sure that girls are involved in the programme.

"I was spotted while playing at  school. Hence, I am a big believer of encouraging girls to take up sports,”  she said, adding that there’s no ideal age for sports education (as said to UNI).


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