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Get Passes! Mortal, ScoutOP among top gamers to participate in 2-day gaming fest

ESPORTS PLAYERS and fans will get the unique opportunity to showcase their exceptional skills and compete in tournaments with their favourite gamers including Mortal, ScoutOP, Regaltos, PayalGaming, KaashPlays, Mavi, Snax and many more during a gaming fest being organised by S8UL, an esports and gaming organization.

The first-ever gaming fest has been dedicated to its passionate fans from all over the country and promises to be a thrilling two-day extravaganza on July 29 and 30 in Bangalore. S8UL is bringing in the best of the gaming creators and TEC is bringing in their proven track record of creating gaming IPs & offline experiences, a media release said.

Apart from the tournaments, the S8UL Gaming Fest will feature a plethora of activities for fans, including giveaways, exclusive merchandise, meet and greets with popular streamers, and much more. This festival will not only create memories that will last a lifetime but also bridge the gap between gamers and their fans to unite the gaming community.

One of the most exciting aspects of the event is that there will be no entry fee, making it accessible to all the fans. This will ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in this grand celebration and relish their passion for gaming.

Additionally, S8UL Gaming Festival will also feature daily community tournaments for popular titles such as Valorant, FIFA 23, Mortal Kombat and more with an astonishing prize pool up for grabs. Gamers will have the chance to prove their skills and go home with remarkable rewards on both days.

S8UL Fest will also have an exclusive daily cosplay competition judged by S8UL Creators themselves with bumper prizes up for grabs for the best cosplay across the 2 days, the release added.

The passes for the S8UL Gaming Festival are now live on Eventbrite:

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