HIGHLIGHTS: Telugu Talons beat Garvit Gujarat in Premier Handball League

Telugu Talons earned a decisive victory over Garvit Gujarat in the second match of Premier Handball League's opening day extravaganza.

The match had an explosive start as both teams came out of the block aggressively and were evenly matched in the opening exchanges. Halfway through the first half both teams were tied at 11 all. However, Telugu Talons started to pull away from Garvit Gujarat as they were finding it hard to contain Davinder Singh Bhullar who was dominating Gujarat despite their efforts to stop him. At the end of the first half the scores read 19-16 in favour of Telugu Talons.

Telugu Talons looked to build upon their slender lead in the second half but Gujarat Garvit looked resolute to find a way back in the tie. Garvit Gujarat were sitting back in front of their goal as Telugu were creating chances at will with Davinder Singh Bhullar and Anil Khudia running riot in the early minutes of the second half. Gujarat were looking to counter with pace in the hope of catching Telugu off-guard. However, despite Gujarat’s best efforts half-way through the second half the scores read 32-27 in favour of the Telugu Talons. Garvit Gujarat were going all-out in the last ten minutes of the tie as they were slowly getting into an attacking groove that saw them mount somewhat of a comeback. But, to no avail as the game ended 39-32 in favour of Telugu Talons, who at the end of the tie had secured a classy victory.

For Telugu Talons, Davinder Singh Bhullar emerged as the top scorer with 8 goals, while Amit Ganghas was the top scorer for Garvit Gujarat in the tie with 8 goals also. The phenomenal display of Davinder Singh Bhullar during the match saw him secure the best player of the match. 

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