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Anil Kumble bowls for the protesting Indian wrestlers, seeks a quick resolution for them

The case of Olympic medalists, Sakshi Malik and Bajrang Punia, along with World Championship medallist Vinesh Phogat seems to be getting murkier and murkier with no clear indications as to what actually transpired between the Indian wrestlers and Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh-the Wrestlers federation of India Chief.

The women wrestlers tweeted for action against Brij Bhushan alleging sexual misconduct on his part where they were concerned and even travelled to Haridwar where they planned to immerse their medals  in the flowing Ganga river. That they finally did not do so was only due to the coaxing by the locals to refrain from the act. The latest tweet  appeared to be a direct consequence wherein the protesting wrestlers were visually seen to be manhandled by the  police and pushed to the ground and pinned thereabouts.

Former India cricket captain, Anil Kumble, stepped into the issue saying that he was dismayed at the lack of positivity on the part of the Government. He felt that ANY issue could be resolved through proper dialogues between the 2 sides and not by gagging and manhandling the complainants and expressed hope that things would come to the proper settlement and that they would be resolved speedily and properly.

"Dismayed to hear about what transpired on the 28th of May with our wrestlers being manhandled. Anything can be resolved through proper dialogue. Hoping for a resolution at the earliest," Anil Kumble tweeted.

In continuation of their protests, the wrestlers on Sunday went on a protest march – to the new Parliament. But it was here that Vinesh & her cousin Sangeeta were manhandled by the Delhi police and this naturally did not go down well. There has been widespread discontent and even anger on the action taken by the Delhi police giving this kind of treatment to some of the glorious sportspersons who have brought accolades to the country.

The Delhi police on their part shut down the Jantar Mantar site to the protesting wrestlers, refusing them any further permission to protest at the India Gate and accused them of creating riots and breaking the law in the area with their frenzied protests in spite of repeated requests from them for peace.

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